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With so many different rotavators available from so many different brands and websites we make finding garden rotavators simple with our detailed cultivator reviews and price comparisons.

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Honda Rotavator Reviews – reviews of all of the rotavators in the Honda range.

Mantis Rotavator Reviews – very popular Mantis rotavator reviews.

Mountfield Rotavator Reviews – reviews of the 3 best Mountfield rotavators.

Mighty Mac Merry Tiller – discover the Merry Tiller rotavator range.

Choosing A Garden Rotavator

There are a lot of people who make mistakes when looking to buy a garden rotavator. In this article I hope to share with you five quick tips that you can use to find the best rotavator for your garden.

Tip #1 – Buy A New, Quality Rotavator

A lot of people think that buying a garden rotavator that is second hand or cheap is a good idea. That’s a mistake.

Cheap rotavators are cheap for a reason, usually because they are not of the quality that the more expensive rotavators are. You can usually get a rotavator that is of a much better quality, will last twice as long and has a longer warranty for 10% more than the cheapest rotavators.

Buying second hand rotavators can result in a rotavator that is damaged, has been used a lot, is broken or even dangerous to use. If you are considering a second hand rotavator you need to know a lot about rotavators.

Tip #2 – How To Choose The Right Size Garden Rotavator

This is the one step that can save you the most money. 80% of rotavator sales are small rotavators or large rotavators, when 80% of people actually need a medium sized rotavator for their garden size.

If you have a small garden then you will need a small rotavator (for beds, around plants ect.) for a large garden a medium sized rotavator will be idea. Large rotavators should only be used by those will acres or professionals.

Tip #3 – Choosing A Good Engine

For most gardens you’ll want to buy a garden rotavator with a good soild engine. In most instances you will need an engine with 3.5 BHP (brake horsepower) – if you’re just wanting a rotavator to dig a few beds or around plants, less would be fine.

In a rotavator the first thing to usually break is the engine, so spending a little money buying a good engine is essential.

Tip #4 – Garden Rotavator Accessories

The range of different accessories that are available for rotavators is amazing. For a little bit extra you can make your rotavator into a machine that can do many tasks. Before you go ahead and buy a rotavator for your garden just take a few minutes to find out what additional attachments and accessories are available. Even if you don’t need these now you may want to get them in the future.

Tip #5 – Reading Rotavator Reviews

This is the fith and most vital step when looking to choose a garden rotavator. Buying a rotavator – especially online – without reading a review is a serious mistake. It’s well worth reading a few reviews that speak in simple terms about the rotavator your considering buying.

That’s why we have created this garden rotavator review website. You can find Honda reviews, Mantis reviews and links to a range of different reviews on this page that will help you find the perfect rotavator for your garden.

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