Mountfield Rotavators

Mountfield RotavatorMountfield firstly became well known for making petrol lawn mowers. However, they have a large range of various garden tools including some front line rotavators. Based in England Mountfield has popular for their high quality garden products.

The popular Mountfield rotavator products include the Mountfield Manor Compact rotavator, the Mountfield Manor 35 rotavator and the Mountfield Manor 55 rotavators are most popular and widely used.

Mountfield Rotavator Reviews

Mountfield Manor Compact Rotavator (no review available)
Mountfield Manor 35 Rotavator
Mountfield Manor 55R Rotavator

You will find that the Mountfield Manor Compact cultivator is a very useful tool for turning the soil if you are doing it for the first time. It also works very well if you are trying breaking the soil down to a fine soil. To make it easier to use, there is a sealed chain which helps to drive the rotors. There are also adjustable handles to make the rotavator easy to control and transport, move and turn the rotavator around. The depth skids are very useful for cultivation as well.

The best part of the Mountfield Manor Compact Rotavators is its compact size which is usable in smaller plots. The Sprint 40 engine makes the machine good enough to work with 40cm width and the engine contains four engines of 260mm diameter.

Next there is the slightly larger Mountfield Manor 35 which is a very powerful machine that can handle larger area. The machine is built with a 148cc Briggs & Stratton engine with a rotavating width of 300 mm. The width of the entire rotavator is 54cm. The Mountfield Manor 35 cultivator is widely used to keep the plants safe and it is supplied with the crop protectors.

Finally, the Mountfield Manor 55 is a very dominant tool for cultivation. It has all the facilities that the user wants including easy to control handle and wheels. Beside the normal plane field, the Mountfield Manor 55 Rotavators is capable of working on the critical corners.

The 183cc Briggs and Stratton engine allows the Mountfield Manor 55 rotavators work much better as well as making is easier to control. It has rotors of 300mm diameter and the working width is 54cm; making it more usable at once. With the adjustable handle, you don’t have to walk over the soil you just worked on.

The Mountfield rotavators are one of the best rotavators available in England and you can find them in larger DIY stores or specicialist shops. However, if you cannot find them in your area, you can certainly find them on the internet. There are many online stores that have a good collection of the Mountfield rotavators and they offer them at very competitive price.

Before you select a Mountfield rotavator for using it in your garden, make yourself sure about its quality and performance. You may not want the one you have selected as the performance varies with the model and so as the price. Also you need to check out all the features of the machine you are buying. If you are confused about the right selection, it’s better if you talk to someone experienced.