5 Mistakes To Avoid When Choosing A Garden Rotavator

If your looking to buy a garden rotavator this article may be the most important article you have read. When buying garden rotavators there are some very common mistakes that people make, in this article we are going to discuss these and I will show you exactly how to avoid these painful mistakes yourself.

Buying A Cheap Badly Made Rotavator

Quality is key when looking for a rotavator. Most rotavators that are used in the garden do get a lot of use, your rotavator will get muddy, stones will fly at the plastics when in use and it is very likely that the rotavator will be exposed to damp conditions. All of this means that it’s essential that you buy a garden rotavator that is of a good quality.

The common misconception is that a quality garden rotavator can cost much more than a cheap one. That isn’t the case. Consider this, you can spend some money on a cheap tiller and it may last you five years, however if you spend an extra 10% and buy a garden rotavator that it is probable that it will last you twice as long. Investing in a good quality rotavator is a very good idea.

Choosing A Second Hand Garden Rotavator

This can be a great idea, saving some money on a rotavator. It can, however, be a bad idea. If you are even thinking about buying a rotavator that has been previously used you really do need to know what your doing, there are many used rotavators that are very old, havent been looked after, don’t start or are even dangerous to use. If you know exactly what to look for in a rotavator, understand how to check that it’s working and can see that it’s been cared for then it may be worth considering a used rotavator. I would tell the average person to avoid buying a used rotavator.

When buying a second hand rotavator you also have no guarantees of just how long it will last for. If you buy a new rotavator from a supplier such as Honda you actually have a 5 year warranty.

Choosing A Rotavator That Is The WRONG Size

This is a silly mistake that so many people make and it can seriously limit the usage that your rotavator gets. Most people either buy a rotavator that is to big for their garden, or to small. If you have a medium sized garden then I suggest a small rotavator, this will also allow you to cultivate easily around your garden.

If you have a large allotment or garden then a medium sized rotavator would be best, especially if you have big areas that need to be rotavated every year. The large rotavators should only be bought by people who are real professionals or if you have several acres that you would like to cultivate.

Choosing A Rotavator With No Additional Attachments

With the additional attachments that you can buy for garden rotavators you can turn a basic cultivator into an amazing machine. Before you spend your money on any rotavator for your garden make sure that it does have additional attachments that you can buy.

Even if you have no plans to buy these attachments right now – as they can cost quite a lot sometimes – you may wish to buy these in the future and will add value onto your rotavator should you ever think of selling this.

Choosing A Garden Rotavator Without Reading Reviews

BIG MISTAKE. Picking up just any rotavator that looks good in the photos will not result in a good purchase, instead it’s highly recommended that you look into the exact specification of your rotavator and read a few reviews just to see what others are saying about the garden rotavator your considering.